Enigma Island

Enigma Island
Dark Energy
Crown of Creation
Important Notice
CONTENT WARNING : if easily offended by explicit language, cartoon nudity and violence, fantasy magic or fictional religions, this is not for you. May you live in peace, and allow others to do likewise.
System Requirements Neverwinter Nights 1.69 or later with SoU and HotU extensions (i.e. Diamond Edition or similar).
Compatible with Neverwinter Nights Extended Edition (EE).

Enigma Island - Complete - Parts 1, 2 & 3 (Release B)

For EE 1.79 onwards, you also need to install this hotfix in Documents\Neverwinter Nights\development (or equivalent).

Your licence to use this work is Creative Commons BY-NC 3.0

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Player Ratings

Single Player

1-9 (Part 1)     8-12 (Part 2)     11-20 (Part 3)

15-35 hours for the series.  

Immersion in an unusually detailed fantasy world, with over 250,000 words of dialog. Lots of puzzles. Not much hack-and-slash. At the higher levels, there's more emphasis on leadership, planning, time management and diplomacy.

Before play, please uninstall any custom script patches.  There are known issues with the "Community Patch" (CPP), "Necromancy 101" and "Tony K's Henchman AI".  I understand that this module works with PRC, but it's not supported.

Part 1          Part 2          Part 3  

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Part 1 - Treasure

The Holy City

Let Battle Commence


An epic quest for the  Lost Treasure of Kaldric the Foul on the remote island kingdom of Varota.

On the brink of civil war, a divided Royal Family vies with the noble dynasties of Bloodaxe and Valiant for control of the island, as the Temple of the goddess Tanja seeks to purge witchcraft from the countryside. The emerging merchant houses of Bratik, Augustus and Lupin compete with the Masons and Knights Templar for influence through liaisons with the nobility and the powerful city guilds.

As your ship docks, it seems that you will be drawn into this maelstrom. Yet at that very moment, another ship is ploughing its way through an unnatural storm to bear a far more sinister cargo to the island. Eldritch forces are unleashed, which threaten the very fabric of existence.

Are you the One Foretold, who will unlock the deadly secret of the enigmatic Treasure?

Map of Varota

Mappa Mundi
Part 2 - Templars

Guano Bay

Four weddings and a funeral

Mutus Liber

Templar power has grown beyond recognition, as they vie with Masons, Kings, witches and smugglers to control the destiny of the Island of Varota. Will you rise above the intrigues, escape from the living hell of Guano Bay and dare the eldritch depths of Faywood to unlock the secret of the fabled Nympheroticon?

The Royal Family pursues dynastic marriage as a palliative to their dwindling power and a rising tide of heresy. The medieval landscape is transformed by the invention of banking and gunpowder. As these mundane matters come to a head, an esoteric conspiracy of alchemists seeks the Elixir of Life by opening breaches in reality itself - and who knows what will come through the Gate?

Pit your wits against Schrödinger's Cat, Pavlov's Dog, Maxwell's Demon and many others.

With old friends and new companions, romance, death and taxes are always just around the corner.

Part 3 - Twilight




World war looms, as the Emperor of Tula summons arcane forces against King Arthur's fragile alliance.

Will you honour your vassal oath, stand by your friends, or  defend your tenants?

As the plot thickens, these dilemmas multiply, and time is of the essence.

How will Queen Virginia handle the King's mistress? Has Bishop Lupin humbly accepted his fall from secular office and the murder of his daughter? What of the Templars, the Scorpions and the Duchess of Draconia? Who is the mysterious pirate known as The Fox? Can you trust the Five Families of Alba or the merchants of Koberg? The time has come to take sides.

As these conspiracies weave their tangled web, they are no more than tiny spiders on a leaf, compared with the force now stirring in the heart of the island after a millennium of silence. 

The epic choice is yours - Twilight of the Gods, or Twilight of Humanity?