Crown of Creation

Enigma Island
Crown of Creation
Important Notice

Requires Dragon Age: Origins 1.04 or later.

Crown of Creation is a standalone adventure, set in the same gameworld as Enigma Island (which is very different from Ferelden).

The emphasis is on roleplay (2-5 hours at level 1-4), with some mature content and occasional combat.

There are quite a few puzzle situations, where the player has to figure out what to do without many clues.

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For two generations, the villagers of Locksley have enjoyed peace and freedom.

The Age of Magic has passed. High elves and demons have vanished from the face of the earth.

Even the endless dynastic wars between feudal overlords beyond the safety of the mountainous Protectorate of Sudish are no more than tall tales told by travellers.

The once-legendary Rangers who guarded the borders and forests are now merely a handful of hopeless eccentrics.

As folk turn away from the Ward Moot, the voice of the secretive Albion League grows louder...

Avarice eyes this from afar, while in the darkness beyond the Mountains of Mourning, something nameless stirs...

As a human or foundling villager, your life is about to change forever, as you are plunged into a world of horror, intrigue and romance, in which the only hope lies in the mystical union of a lost sword and the elusive Crown of Creation. 


Author Proleric
Additional Material Adaram
Cutscenes Beerfish
Additional Voiceover Production Jazzy b 3
Testing Challseus, Elvhen Veluthil, Iceonica, Jackkel Dragon
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